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Relaxing nails

You can enjoy your time

It is a calm private space.

1-8 Daimachi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama

Marjoram Nail

5 minutes walk from Yokohama Station Kita West Exit & 2 minutes walk from Keihin Kyuko Kanagawa Station

2 nail technicians 9 years or more of nail technician experience

From office nails to character art

We will respond to your desired design with high technology ❤

Relocated and opened on November 1, 2018!

It is larger than before, and there is also a private room space.

We also have a nail school by a JNA headquarters certified instructor.

From self-nail to professional nail technicians

Please choose for me!

As it is a salon that requires reservations only, it is detailed only for customers who have made reservations.

We will guide you to the location.
Healing and relaxing as a hideaway salon for adult women

We have created a space where you can enjoy your time.

The last reception is at 20:30, so you can drop in on your way home from work.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

Advantageous campaign ❤
New customers 30% OFF
Comeback discount (For those who have passed the discount application period) ⇒ 15% OFF
There are many others ❤ Check it out




We accept order tips ❤

Please contact us using the inquiry form.

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